Missing the Motherland

      I've gone to Greece almost every summer since I was 3 years old. It's expensive as shit to get there, and it is a painful flight (about 24 hours of traveling), but my grandparents have lived there since the 60s, my dad grew up there and it is absolutely wonderful,  typically the most relaxing part of my entire summer. I adore it.
      But this summer, due to 'financial issues' (three cheers for vague parental excuses...), I have been informed that we are not going to Greece this summer. The effects of this change didn't hit me immediately. At first I was a little dejected but not all that concerned. I have friends, a boyfriend, an internship, concerts, San Francisco, and a ton of summer homework. I wasn't sure I'd have wanted to go had the opportunity actually presented itself anyway. But as the days went on, I'd find myself thinking about it; the smells, sounds, and people I was missing out on. I can only say it's been getting progressively worse as summer's gone on. The more I think about it, the more ridiculous the idea of not going seems. I feel like summer and this annual trip to the Mediterranean are synonymous and one can't completely exist without the other. I am legitimately torn up over this, which weirdly enough, surprises me a lot.
      But anyway, I guess the ultimate point of this particular post was to share some pictures I took there last year that I came across during one of my more recent fits of Greece Nostalgia. I guess they wont really have the same effect on other people as they do on me, but at least my obsession with this little European country will now be accompanied by some visuals. Without further ado:

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