Thoughts for the day

I’m using crest white strips. Mostly for kicks. My teeth don't look that bad. I've used them before actually, though since then I’ve developed something of a tea and coffee habit, so I figure refreshing couldn’t hurt. These white strips are sort of disgusting. You have to clench your teeth to keep them from falling off. And they taste awful. Above all, they’re just sort of distracting. OH, THE NEVER ENDING QUEST FOR BEAUTY, WHY ARE YOU SUCH A GIGANTIC PAIN IN MY ASS?

I helped Maya with her pre-prom getting ready today. Fun stuff. She looked pretty gosh darned fantastic. I sort of wish I could have seen her date's face when they met up. His eyes probably just like, fell out of his face.

I was gonna hang out with some friends tonight, but decided to just stay home and chill. This week has been so stressful I feel like I need to just unwind. At home
Tomorrow I have a straight up, no bullshit, birthday party to go to. Not a teenager, “lets hang out and get fucked up and then cure our munchies with birthday cake” birthday, but instead a legit, “Balloons! Cake! Arts n’ crafts! Watch me open my presents in a pointy hat!” birthday party.

I’m excited. I love the girl. Not a huge fan of glitter glue shirt decoration though (the process is fun, but the result is…a shirt covered in dried up glitter glue. I mean, come on.) But I’ll go. I got her a present, which is big for me because for some reason I never remember to give people presents on their actual birthdays....

And that's reason #467 Why I Suck as a Person. Tune in next week when I talk about how I can suck at other things!

Like Math! And science! And cooking! And SO. MUCH. MORE.



I spent a small part of today thinking about social revolutions. Maybe I'm too immersed in it, but doesn't our generation seem a little too complacent?

Our idea of a "social movement" is 'liking' groups on facebook or changing the color of our twitter pages.
We vent below Youtube videos about how fucked up we think everything is. We don't march for what we believe in, or write letters, or actively protest anything we don't like.

We just sort of... whine.

Then again, maybe the problem is that we don't have anything worthwhile to fight for...


I guess I could have done my math homework tonight...

But I spent a bunch of time flipping through cosmo (admittedly a huge waste of time), texting (ditto), taking a "power nap", cooking (slash eating) dinner, fucking around on facebook, watching an episode of the Office (oh how I adore thee, Dwight...), and finally trying my hand at fixing this godforsaken blog.

So no, I am in no way prepared for my math test tomorrow. Did I decide I needed the break from my intensive "studying"? Yes. Do I regret it? No. (Slightly.) Would I do it again? Unfortunately yes.